Project 52 - Diane Downs

Project 52

During 2010, I did a Project 365 where I took a photo a day for a year. It was a huge commitment that totally paid off. I learned so much about myself, my photography style and my camera in that time that I never would have otherwise.

I decided to embark on a similar project for 2015, but not quite so intense. In the fall of 2014, I took a six-week photography class at a local community college. The pace of concentrating on one concept per week was perfect. It allowed me to really immerse myself in the assignment, while not overwhelming me with a photo a day. And so, Project 52 was born!

Utilizing a Facebook Group, each week we concentrated on either an area of photo composition (the rules), our camera functions, or photography niches, such as food and lifestyle photography. There were some general photo prompts in there as well to keep things light.

This project is not meant to stress you out. Truly. If you miss a week, skip it. If you don't like a prompt, change it. It's all good. Each Sunday, I had a bit of background explaining that week's prompt along with some examples to guide and inspire you.  

This project is now complete, but you can participate at any time! Click here to get a free copy of the e-book!